Thursday, January 30, 2014

Young Rocks' Official "Chasing Jade" Track Listing

We've been following this dude for a minute now and bombarding him with questions about his mixtape release date.  He still HAS NOT given us a date BUT he did send us the official track listing to his mixtape "Chasing Jade".  

1. Intro                                                
2. Hometown                                      
3. Up All Night                                  
4. When I Was Up                                                                    
6. In The Air
7. All Night Long
8. Overdose
9. Going Going Gone
10. Switch Chicks
11. She Like
12. When I Give A Shit
13. Freaks & Geeks (Remix)
14. Just Wanna Fly
15. Chasing Jade
16. Vandalizin' Her Curls
17. She Don't Know
18. I'm Good
19. Outro

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